It will get over or not… 

 Although sitting on a nuclear bomb, I am as comfortable and peaceful as a person who does not know what he is sitting on.

I know almost all of the developments/balances above and below the ground on this planet and can receive intelligence. Also, I follow the jinn realm and metaphysicians as closely as necessary, and I intervene when necessary.

I do not leave any field uncontrolled and I do not act recklessly in any matter. If I were making decisions and making moves without knowing these, it would have been impossible for me to come to these days.

I know I’ve said this all too often, but I still see those who are worried and I repeat it once again. I’m not going to die. Do I want to stay in this hellish world? No… If they give a choice, the name of the person who stops for a minute is not MFS. However, there are more services that need to be done. That’s how it is appreciated… My will is a partial will. I can’t interfere with everything. I can’t decide on everything. There is a God who has universal will. And that Allah (c.c.)said:

– “Ve makeru ve makerallah vallahu hayrul makirin”

“(Jews) set a trap, and Allah broke their plot. Yes, Allah is the best trap-breaker.”

(Surah Al-i Imran – 54th verse)

Let the enemies make calculations, I can get the intelligence of their calculations. As I have done countless times before, I will turn them upside down this time. Actually, I will not do it, I will be the occasion. I will abide by the reasons, and Allah will appreciate and create like this.

We will see whether those who are servants of Allah will be victorious, or will those who consider the mortal Iblis as their god and worship him, and those who turn this world into hell by his order…

That day comes, it is lived through, and then it is discussed again whether “it will pass” or “it will not pass”.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi

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