We are also beside Iranian people

Living in poverty while swimming on the sea of wealth must come to an end.

The natural gas and oil wealth of the Iranian people, as well as all kinds of underground and aboveground wealth, and the rewards of their labor are exploited. For centuries, the Iranian people have not been able to find comfort, peace and prosperity. The secret Christian traitors, who have pretended to be Mullah, play the role of Muslims and hold power, ensure that Iran constantly colludes with the Western world and is constantly exploited by the West in the midst of these fights. They are deliberately preventing Iran’s material and spiritual development.

I am against exploitation, oppression and injustice. I do not take the race, language, country, religion or skin color of the oppressed into consideration. I am with all the oppressed. If the people of Iran will want to live in a way worthy of human dignity, ask for what is their right to account for, take away their rights from traitors and colonialists, and establish a regime and government as they want, I and all the power elements that are on the way with me will stand by the Iranian people in this struggle. And we do not exploit anyone, we never leave justice, we do not oppress anyone.

The money, which is the right of the Iranian people, should not flow to the black money maker Mullahs and through them to the Western world and Russia. This robbery, this exploitation, this cruelty must end now.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya | Akademi Dergisi


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