I don’t have Judaism in my ancestry

I am not Jewish. If my ancestry had been Judaism or Armenian, I would have never hesitated and said it openly, and I would have converted to Islam again, lived as a Muslim, belonged to this path, and fought again. Everything that is said about me should not be immediately taken into account. Very soon, my name will be spoken and written openly and intensely in Turkey and around the world. It will also be a frequent topic in press and media organizations from all over the world. At those moments, new slanders and slanders will come one after another. False witnesses will be placed next to slanders, as they have done before. The legal system is no longer a system that they can use as they please. However, unimaginable slanders will be thrown. I will give answers to all of them, revealing that it is slander. As usual, I stand tall on the field. I will also go the legal way. However, it has been in plain sight for ten years that proof is of no importance to hypocrites, and if they find the field suitable, they continue to slander. Because they already know the truth. They are already aware that they are slandering… They already know that they are slandering.

Their time is running out, too. The law is about to come back, and those who have been blaming and defaming me in an inhumane way for ten years will be tried even within the scope of “treason against the state and the nation”. Because I am fighting only for the state, the nation, and humanity, and they want to stop this struggle, it is clearly visible… That pawn, that amir, judges, and prosecutors will also be tried for treason. Even hundreds of people, from prison staff to hospital staff, will be tried for treason.

Being Jewish is not a crime, it is not a sin, it is not a shame… I could have been born an Armenian, I could have been born a Jew. I could have been born as a member of another race, but I am not. I am an original Turkish… I am not a racist either. I have not dealt with anyone who lived with an open identity, did not hide their true race and religion, and did not do wrong.

My lineage is based on Ankara before Afyon, on Kayseri before, on Kars/Ardahan sides before that, and on Chechnya before that. There, it is based in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. My ancestors migrated to Anatolia over the Caspian Sea during the Mongol invasions, and they served a great deal in the spread of Islam and Turkishness there. His Excellency Karacaahmet Sultan, who was buried in the village of Karacaahmet, the village of my father’s side, in the Ihsaniye district of Afyon, together with his students, served a great deal in the spread of Islam and Turkishness in Anatolia. He is a very high rank. I am descended from that person. Murshid-i Kamil came out in my lineage. There were also many prophets. On my mother’s side, the lineage of the prophets… Also, my lineage is a little above/behind. Our Master Süleyman Hilmi is united with the lineage of Tunahan. This lineage is further back. to our Prophet (PBUH), and far behind him. Moses, Hz. Yusuf, Hz. He goes to Jacob. If ten thousand years ago, dating back to Hz Jakob makes me a Jew, I am a Jew. Then Hz. Our prophet is also Jewish. Ahl al-Bayt is also Jewish. The men we call Sayyid and Sharif and the women we call Sayyide and Sharifah are also Jews. It is seen in my descendants from my father’s side that daughters are often named Sharifah . Currently, there are many people named Sharifa among my relatives.

For ten years, I wrote and told. More than ninety-five percent of the people in the world who think they are Jews are of Turkish origin. Currently, it has become very easy to extract the genetic codes of people, but they stay away from it. If they were truly Jewish, they would each extract their genetic code and proudly carry it in their wallets like identity papers. Those who know know that the secret Jews in Turkey say “There is no such thing as Turks, they are always of Jewish origin”. Although the truth for them is the opposite of what they say, they see themselves as Jewish and a superior race. On the one hand, while playing the Turkish role, they say “There is no such thing as a Turk”, and they do it insidiously.

Iblis, who led this group, and the rabbis and mason masters who were subject to Iblis, directed their acceptance in this way. There is another side to the issue. When the time comes, it will be discussed and accepted that Ban-i Israel (sons of Israel) or people from the past called Jews and prophets, people with Turkish blood and Turkish genes. There is Noah’s ‘alaihis-salam’ a short distance behind, and everyone’s lineage converges there.

I grew up in the hands of a Pharaoh-like father. I grew up in very difficult material and spiritual conditions in this terrible and dark period like the time of the Pharaoh. I am now forty years old and there is nothing in my life, in my past, to be ashamed of. If there were, I would have been silenced in the first year of this struggle. If there was, at least I would have come out as someone else when I was put in prison. I am not one of those people who are put in prison while playing the role of a Muslim and noble struggle, who are seen to have turned 180 degrees when they come out, who have all kinds of disgrace, with or without robes, with or without authority, with or without an official identity.

I am writing here, too, that the punishment for slander is very severe in our religion. I will show the world how severe the punishment for making such slanders can be given in the corrupt worldly legal system of this age. I have written openly so that there will be no discussion, I repeat, I will hang them for treason. And in square places…

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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