313 people

At first, as many people as the people of Badr (313 people) will pledge allegiance to Hz. Mahdi.

They were narrated by Tabarani Evsad and Hakim Umm Salama. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said:

“As many people as the people of Badr will pledge allegiance to the Mahdi between Rukun and Maqam. The notables of the Iraqi people and the Abdals(Saints) of Damascus come to him. At that time an army from Damascus comes to fight him, but when it enters Beyda they are sunk underground. (Bayda is a place between Medina and Mecca.)

“In the days when trouble showers on people”

Likewise (Naim b. Hammad)  It was from Hz.Ali. He said:

“At the beginning, When the black-flagged army of Shuayb b.Salih Tamimi emerges in Sufyani’s hometown, people look for Mahdi and he is with the flag of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) at a time when troubles rain down upon people and hope for his (Mahdi’s) appearance is lost. He appears in Mecca. He prays two rak’ahs(performs salah(prayer)). When he returns from the prayer, he says: “O people, the Ummah of Muhammad and especially his Ahl al-Bayt have suffered a lot, and we have been devastated and subjected to injustice.”

Hz. Mahdi’s address after allegiance

Likewise, (N.b. Hammad) narrated from Jafer, he said: The Mahdi will appear in Mecca at the time of the night prayer, with the flag of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), his shirt, sword, and many other signs such as the Light and declaration. Then he calls out in his loudest voice:

“O, people! I remind you of Allah. I am telling you what your place will be in the presence of Allah on the Day of Judgment tomorrow. Allah the Exalted has sent you many proofs and Prophets, sent down the Qur’an, and ordered you as follows: Do not associate anything with Allah and maintain obedience to Allah and His Messenger. Resurrect what the Qur’an revives, ban its prohibitions, and help and support the Mahdi. Because the world’s devastation and collapse are approaching. And that is certain. I invite you to Allah and His Messenger, to act following His book, to destroy falsehood, and to revive the Sunnah.”

After this address, he appears with three hundred and thirteen people, as many as the people of Badr, who gather unaware of each other like autumn clouds. His Companions are worshipful by night and like lions during the day. By conquering the land of the Hejaz for the Mahdi, Allah will liberate all the imprisoned Hashemites. Those with black flags will go down to Kufa and send a man to the Mahdi for allegiance. Hz. Mahdi will send his army everywhere. It destroys oppression and all oppressors. The towns come under his command. Allah Almighty favors the conquest of Constantinople with his hand.

The Mahdi mentioned here is not the real Mahdi. It is Jahcah, or Qahtani, who continues the path/service of the true Mahdi.

The young man who defeated the Sufyani

Likewise (N.b. Hammad) narrated from  Hz. Ali said:

“An army with a black flag, consisting of a Hashemite (origin) youth with me on his left hand, comes out in front of them, There is a person named Shuayb b.Salih Tamimi. This army fights Sufyani and defeats Sufyani’s army.

Likewise (N.b. Hammad) narrated from Hz. Ali said:

“When Sufyani’s force enters Kufa, he sends an army to search for the people of Khorasan. The people of Khorasan seek Mahdi and together with the Hashemite youth, at their head is Şuayb b. Salih Tamimi, they unite with the black flag bearers, where Salih Tamimi is. This army encounters Sufyani at the Estahir gate. It will be a big war. After all, the black flags will win. Sufyani forces flee. That’s when people will wish for and seek the Mahdi.”

“In his time, there is a justice that the dead will envy the living.”

“They are victorious over every oppressor.”

Tabarani narrated from Umm Salama in Avsad. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said:

The ruler of the east goes to the king of the west and kills him. Then the king of the west goes east and kills him. After that, the Western ruler sends an army to Medina, but this army is sunk underground. Then he sends a second army. In the meantime, some people from the people of Medina come together and gather around a person who comes out of the Harem, scattered, like birds that come. So much so that they form a group of three hundred and fourteen, including women. They are victorious over every oppressor and Jabbar son of Jebbar. In his time, there is a justice that the dead will envy the living. He stays for seven years. (Forty-year-old Jesus
period) underground will be better than above. Because blasphemy and cruelty spread again. What follows is the apocalypse.)

“Four kinds of trouble will inflict them on them.”

“The people of the earth and sky, wild animals, birds, and even the fish in the sea rejoice at his caliphate.

“About the wars with Sufyani… Dani narrated from Huzayfah. He said: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said:

“There will be a war in Zevra.

”Huzayfah said, “O Messenger of Allah, what is Zevra?” said.

He commanded:

Zevra is a city located between the rivers in the east and where the most evil of my ummah live. The wicked always sit there. Four kinds of troubles befall them. They are put to the sword, sunk underground, flooded, and transformed into animal form.

Then the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said:

The Abyssinians want to fight the Arabs, but they are afraid and take refuge on Jordanian soil. Meanwhile, Sufyani arrives in Damascus with three hundred and sixty cavalry and thirty thousand people join them in a month. Sufyani then sends his army to Iraq and kills one hundred thousand people in Zevra. Finally, he reaches Kufa and prepares another army by capturing them and sending them to Medina. Meanwhile, in the East, An army of Shuayb b. Salih Tamimi gathers and destroys his enemies and liberates the prisoners of Kufa. The army that Sufyani sent to Medina heads towards Mecca after a three-day occupation, but when it comes to Beyda, Allah sends Jibril(Gabriel) (AS) with the order “O Jibril, punish them” and Gabriel hits one of its feet the ground and (AS ) bury the army in the ground. Only two people who will bring news to Sufyani will survive. When these two people come to Sufyani and explain the situation, he does not feel any fear. Meanwhile, a group of Quraysh descendants flees to Constantinople (Rome). However, Sufyani sends news to the Greek elder and asks for them back. These persons are returned to him. He has them beheaded at the gate of Damascus in Sufyani. Huzayfah continued, “So many ugly things happen that day that a woman who is taken to the door of Damascus will sit on Sufyani’s knees on the altar, and one of the Muslims who sees this says, “Woe to you, did you disbelieve after believing, this is not halal”. However, he is beheaded by Sufyani. Anyone who spreads this incident will also be beheaded. At that time, the following voice will be heard from the sky: “O people, Allah (SWT) has forbidden you to follow hypocrites and oppressors, and has appointed the Mahdi, whose name is Ahmed, the best of the people on earth found in Mecca, and whose father’s name is Abdullah, as your chief. Follow him and listen to his orders. ”

Meanwhile, Imran b. Husayn asked how the Mahdi will be known. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) replied: He is one of my children. His demeanor is like a native of Israel, wearing two kinds of cotton (kutwani) robes. He has a black mole on his right cheek. His face is as luminous as a shining star. He is forty years old. Abdals(saints-awleeya) and notables from Damascus, Egypt, and many parts of the East come to him and pledge allegiance to him between the Rukun and the Maqam. Then Hz. Mahdi will set off for Damascus with Gabriel in front of him and Michael(Mikail) behind him, and the people of the earth and sky, wild animals, birds, and even fish in the sea will rejoice at his caliphate. Time will be fertile, rivers will increase their water and space efficiency, and treasures will be extracted and brought to Damascus. Sufyani is killed under a tree its branches extend towards Hire and Tabariya. The Kelp tribe is also destroyed. Anyone is disappointed that could not be there, even if it was because of the impossibility. “How can it be right to fight them when they are people of tawhid?” The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) answered his question as follows.

They are apostates. For they consider wine halal and do not perform prayers.”

“Allegiance is for Allah”

Likewise, (N.b. Hammad) narrated from Ibn Sirin, he said: “Allegiance is for Allah” is written on the Mahdi’s flag.

Their spiritual degrees are very high

 It was narrated by  Muhammed b.Hanafi (r.a.):

One day While he was with Ali, someone said to he asked Hz. Mahdi. Ali (RA) said, “Alas!” Then he made a nine with his hand and then said:

He said, “He (Mahdi) will appear in the End Times, when a person is told, “Fear Allah, fear Allah.”

(and continued like this)

“As the clouds gather in the sky, Allah gathers the people around Him. He reconciles their hearts. They do not grieve for the martyrs among them, nor do they rejoice at those who join them. Their number is as much as the Companions of Badr. Just as the former ones (Muslims who have lived up to that day have spiritual rank ) could not surpass them, the later ones (no one among the believers who came to the Day of Judgment in the eras after them) could not reach them (in their spiritual rank and level) and their numbers people with Talud as much as those who passed the river.”

Conquest of Southern Azerbaijan

Ibn Majah and Abu Naim narrated from Abu Hurayra(RA). He narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) said:

“If there is even one day left from the world (the Day of Judgment), Allah will prolong that day, remove one of my Ahl al-Bayt and take possession of the (whole) world. He will conquer Konstaniyye (Istanbul) and Daylem mountains (South Azerbaijan as well).”

(The Daylem Mountains are in the southwest of the Caspian Sea.)

Conquest of India

Naim b. Hammad quoted Kaabul Ahbar in his book Fiten, He said:

Malik of Bayt al-Maqdees(Jerusalem) (Mahdi) sends soldiers to India. He conquers and takes his treasures and adorns Bayt al-Maqdees with its ornaments. Indian Kings are brought to him by being bound. He is conquered between east and west (just as Dhul-Qarnayn was granted).

Conquest of Italy and the town of Kat’i

The Coffin of Saqeenah (ark of the covenant), which contains the holy relics

He narrated the story of the Mahdi and the conquest of Rumiyya (Roman) from the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). He said:

When the Mahdi’s soldiers utter four taqbeers, the walls of Rumiyya will fall to the ground. Six hundred thousand people are killed here. And their treasures are taken to Bayt al-Maqdees. In addition, the table of the Saqeenah and the Bani Israel, the real Torah plates, and the Prophet. The staff of Musa(AS) and  With the pulpit of Hz. Sulaiman(AS), they bring the coffin with two scales of men (manna halva) in white color, like the milk that Allah sent to Bani Israel, to Bayt al-Maqdees. Then they conquer a city called Tahina and finally, they come to the town of Kat’i:
Kat’i: This town is on a sea that does not carry ships.
It was said: “O Messenger of Allah, why can’t it carry those ships?” He said: That sea has no depth. People can only cross it by small ships.
Hz. Mahdi and his army will pass by that sea.
Allah created benefits for the sons of Adam there. Kat’i town has 360 gates and 1000 warriors emerge from each gate. The Mahdi and his army will destroy the walls of the city with 4 takbirs (saying Allahu Akbar). They take the treasures inside and after staying here for seven years, they go to Bayt al-Maqdees. At this time, the news that the Dajjal came out with the Jews of Isfahan reaches them. (This hadith is mentioned by Abu Omar ad-Dani in Sunan.)

Ark of the Covenant

Naim b. Hammad quoted from Kaab, he said:

The Mahdi will send an army to fight the Greeks. His knowledge of fiqh is worth that of ten scholars. He takes the Coffin of Saqeenah out of the Antakya cave.

Hz. Hazrat Mahdi (AS) will enter every city that Dhul-Qarnayn enters.

The story of the Mahdi was narrated by the Caliph of Muslims Hz. Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA). He said:

He (Mahdi) will favor every (all) part of the world and will destroy every oppressor (in every part of the world). Allah rejuvenates the hearts of the People of Islam with Him. He collects the treasures in Bayt al-Maqdees. He comes to a city where there is a bazaar and a thousand shops in each bazaar, after conquering that place, he comes to the city of Kat’i on the green sea that surrounds the world. Behind this sea are things that no one knows but Allah. Its length is a thousand miles, and its width is five hundred miles. After the Mahdi’s soldiers destroyed the walls of the city with three taqbeers, they conquered this place by killing one million people.  Afterward, Hz. Mahdi returns to Bayt al-Maqdees with a thousand mounts. He takes Palestine as well as Tripoli, Akka, Sur, Gaza, and Askala and brings the treasures here to Jerusalem the Sheriff. He resides here until the Dajjal emerges. Later, Hz. Isa (AS) descends and kills the Dajjal. (There is more information on this in “Ikduddurer.”)

Most Jews become Muslims

Naim quoted Salman of Isa’s son, he said:
According to what I heard, the coffin with a bench in the Mahdi’s hand (in his time) will be taken out of the Lake of Tiberias and brought before Him at Baytul Maqdees.

When the Jews see this, most, except a few, become Muslims.

Abu Amr Dani narrated from Ibn Shawzeb in his Sunan. He said:
This is why he is called the Mahdi. He takes out the books (pages) about the (real) Torah in a mountain from the mountains of Damascus, where Jews make the pilgrimage, and a community of Jews becomes Muslims (through him) at his hands.

Likewise, (N.b. Hammad) narrated from Kaab, that he said: He was called the “Mahdi” because he guided to a secret situation that no one knew about. He takes the Coffin of Saqeena out of the Antakya cave.

Naim b. Hammad quoted from Ertah, He said:

Hz. Mahdi will descend to Bayt-ul-Maqdis and the nation will live for a long time with those coming from his Ahl al-Bayt. Then the wrongdoers appear and Bani Abbas is sought with mercy.

The future of a person called “Qahtani” after Hazrat Mahdi

Qahtani’s spiritual degree

In Tabarani Kebir, İbni Münde Ebu Naim, İbni Asakir, Kays b. They are from Jabir, from his father, and his father from his grandfather. He said that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said:

There will be caliphs after me. After the caliphs, the amirs come, and after the amirs the cruel kings come. Finally, one of my Ahl al-Bayt (the real, real Mahdi) appears and fills the world, which was previously filled with oppression, with justice. Then, he goes and Qahtani (Jahjah) comes.

 I swear by Allah, who sent me as the Truth, that He (Qahtani) is not lower than the other (Mahdi) under his rank (below).

Likewise (N.b. Hammad) Kays b. He narrated from Jabir as-Sadefi, he said: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said:

He will become a man of my Ahl al-Bayt and fill the formerly cruel world with justice. After that, it is Qahtani. I swear by Him (Allah) in whose power my soul is (at His hand, in His power) that He (Qahtani) is not below Mahdi.

Likewise, (N.b. Hammad) narrated from Kaab. He said; He said: After me, there will be a caliph from Qahtan, one of the people of Yemen, the Mahdi’s brother in religion. And he will follow his (Mahdi’s) way. It is the (Qahtani) who will conquer the Greek city (Istanbul for the second time) and take its spoils.

Murder of Qahtan

Likewise, (N.b. Hammad) quoted Ertad, that he reached me and said:

After living for forty years, Mahdi dies in his bed. Then, a man (Qahtani) with two pierced ears (who can receive news from everywhere and his intelligent power is very strong) comes out of Kahtan and follows the Mahdi’s path. After twenty years, he is murdered by a gun. That Mahdi (Qahtani), a man from the Ahl al-Bayt of the Prophet (PBUH), has a good demeanor. He battles in the city of Kaiser (Istanbul). He is the last of the commandments of the Ummah of Muhammad (PBUH). Then, in His time, the Dajjal appears.

Qahtani/Jahcah, also called Mansur

Likewise, (N. b. Hammad) narrated from Ibn Amr, He said: O Yemeni community! You say that Mansur is one of you. I swear to Allah, in whose hand is my soul, that his father is Qureshi. If I wanted to, I would count him as his last ancestor.

Naim b. Hammad quoted Süleyman b. Isa, he said:

According to a report that reached me, Hz. Mahdi will stay in Bayt al- Maqdees for fourteen years and then die. After him, a man from his tribe named Mansur (Qahtani, Jahjah) follows him. He stays in Bayt al-Maqdees for twenty-one years. Then he is killed, then someone named Mevla comes and after three years he is killed too. And then Hashem al-Mahdi will come and reign for three years, four months, and ten days.

Likewise, (N.b. Hammad) narrated from Zuhri, he said:

After the Mahdi dies, people fall into strife and a man from the Mahzum tribe comes to them, and they pledge allegiance to him. He stays for a while, then a non-human and non-jinn caller from the sky calls out: “Take allegiance to such people and do not turn back on your heels after the hijra.” People immediately look, but they cannot see. Then this cry is heard three times. Later, when Mansur is given allegiance, Mansur marches on Mahzuni. And Allah gives him (Mansur, that is, Qahtani) help and he kills him (Mahzuni) and those with him.

Three Commanders after Hz.Mahdi

Naim narrated it from Abdullah b. Amr. He said:

After the oppressors, Jabir comes out. So much so that Allah subordinates the Ummah of Muhammad (PBUH) to him. Then Mahdi, then Mansur (Jahjah), then Selam and then Ameer al-Usub. After that, let the one who can die, if it is possible to let himself die (Because after these people, the world will turn into a hellish world again. Everywhere is filled with invective, cruelty, tears, and the situation of the world will not improve until the apocalypse breaks).

Likewise (N.b. Hammad) narrated Abdullah b.Amr, he said:

Three leaders come one after the other. Allah grants them the conquest of the whole earth. First the righteous Jabir, then Mufarraj, then Zulusub. They stay for forty years. There is no good in the world after them.

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