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Since the beginning of the 90s, there has been a very useful level of technology in our world. Space studies were never interrupted and states competed with each other in this field. What about the result?

Whatever question you still ask, there is no clear answer. They have not been to the Moon again for nearly half a century. They don’t look like they’re going. They continue to announce projects and keep humanity awake. How many spacecraft have they sent to Venus, Mercury, and Mars? They can send better ones now if they want. Well, what did they learn from those who went up to this day, what did they view and what did they tell and teach us? Lots of controversial information… No clear images either. Only this issue can be discussed for days, and months.

No matter how much it is discussed, there is one truth that stands before us with indisputable certainty: There is a Satanist system established by the Jews in the world. This system has always deceived the world’s humanity about aliens from the very beginning. For decades, believing in the existence of aliens has been shown to be insane. If they were to believe, they should be accepted as little green and shapeless creatures. They created such an environment of pressure with the press, the media, and the academy community. Because they have already seen and understood that there are human species in other worlds and that people are Muslim or non-Muslim. As soon as humanity saw and accepted this truth, the rule of these anti-human Satan-worshipping and Satanists would come to an end.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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