NASA will establish a settlement for humans on Venus, which it claims will never be life 

There are oddities in this business: NASA will establish a settlement for humans on Venus, which it claims will never be life.

Venus is the closest planet to the earth… It has always been referred to as the “twin sister of the world”… For the first time, it was Soviet Russia that sent the spacecraft they named Venera to Venus. But they did not sufficiently share the information they obtained with the world public.

Much later, NASA also began to explore Venus with the spacecraft it sent. It is also examining Venus today. Although many respected scientists, especially Russian astronomers, who gained a freer environment after the collapse of the Soviet Union, have claimed that there is life on Venus, NASA has claimed that there can never be life on Venus under the extreme temperature and extreme pressure.

In its new project, which has now emerged, it will establish a settlement area for people on Venus, this settlement will be at an altitude of 70-odd degrees with zeppelins. Not even a child believes this. They will go to Venus in 440-odd days, Venus will have a pressure many times higher than the pressure of the earth, it will be at hundreds of degrees, and even the research probe descending to the surface will be bent double from the pressure in a very short time. It will burn from the heat, but on such a planet will settlements will be established for people… Now it is better understood that the claims made by Russian scientists for decades and supported by many former US officials are true. It seems that there is life in our solar system, which has turned out to be one of the most exceptional solar systems in the universe/cosmos, not only on our world, but also on Mars, Venus, the ocean-filled moons of Jupiter, and Saturn, and the dwarf planet Ceres. Now people ask themselves, are Jupiter and especially Saturn really a gas giant? Or are we just playing around with NASA’s purposeful-deceptive information about those planets, as with Venus?

NASA took such an incredible effort and risk to hide the existence of life on tens of thousands of planets outside of Earth, for what? “World humanity is not ready to face this reality.” laugh at those who say… They too have the same worldview as NASA. For decades, NASA had prepared the people of the world for this reality with one-thousandth of the effort and money it spent to hide the existence of life in space. The real issue is a reality that can reverse the world’s political, religious, economic, and military power structure in an instant…  NASA has tried to hide sufficiently that extraterrestrials are also human, that they are also subject to Islam, and that they have a terrible technological superiority as if that were not enough. He is aware that he cannot hide it any longer and has to correct the lies he has told so far, slowly and without reaction.

Mehmet Fahri Sertkaya|Akademi Dergisi

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